What is PodTower

PodTower is the first cross-platform podcatcher written in Microsoft Silverlight. PodTower runs on both Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS X. PodTower includes a built-in media player for playing downloaded podcasts in MP3 and WMA format.

How to get it

In order to install PodTower, you'll need to install Silverlight 4. After installing, head over here to install PodTower.

New! The PodTower 2 preview is now available. Head over to the install page and give it a spin! Feedback is welcome!

Support PodTower!

If you find PodTower useful, please donate! PodTower is free software, but if you like it and find it useful, please donate to help keep the project going. If you don't wish to donate, please link to PodTower from your site, Twitter feed, or somehow get the word out to the masses!